Tajpur, Kolkata

Tajpur, Kolkata Overview 


A standout amongst the most confined shorelines of the nation and one of the freshest participant in the travel industry scene of West Bengal, Tajpur is gradually cutting out a specialty for itself as the stopover goal between the two noteworthy focuses Digha and Shankarpur. The red crabs that are found here in bounty and the delicate breeze that calms inert walks around the ocean make Tajpur an ideal place escape. 


A standout amongst the most sequestered stretches of sands, this shoreline, has withdrawal just adding to its atmosphere, leaving its guests enchanted by its freshness, its tremendousness and the magnificence of the ocean. Home to a large number of red crabs partial to playing find the stowaway in its sands, Tajpur gives an ideal setting to unwinding and revival. 


Best time to visit Tajpur 


The perfect time to visit Tajpur is amid winters as the months from November until the point when February are immaculate to appreciate the glow of the shoreline with the sun not being awkward or damp. 


Step by step instructions to Reach Tajpur 


Air: Nearest airplane terminal is at Kolkata which is 180 km from Tajpur and is very much associated by street. You can without much of a stretch hail a taxi till Tajpur. 


Rail: The closest railhead is at Contai from where you can get an auto rickshaw till Tajpur. The other real railroad station close Tajpur is Ramnagar in the Howrah-Digha railroads. 


Street: The most helpful method for coming to Tajpur is from Kolkata, by means of the Vidyasagar Setu, Kona Expressway. There is a correct divert to Contai from Nandakumar. While on the Kolkata-Digha parkway, pay special mind to Balisai from where the left side town street associates with Tajpur. 


Where to Stay 


Tajpur doesn’t have a lot to offer for settlement. Consequently, it will be smarter to look for safe house in Mandarmani or Shankarpur which are increasingly created traveler goals with more extensive choices. 


Touring in Tajpur 


Aside from the shoreline, one should need to visit the anglers towns in the region. 


Exercises in Tajpur 


One can appreciate swimming and notwithstanding paragliding at the shoreline amid the pinnacle seasons. 


Shopping in Tajpur 


Shop for the best quality fish and ocean bottom at the shoreline itself. 


The Tajpur Experience 


Tajpur is incredibly disconnected and has anglers town close-by where one can encounter the lives of these seaside anglers. Additionally being isolated enables you to have significantly progressively fun at that point is conceivable in a swarmed shoreline. 


Tajpur’s Cuisine 


Take a stab at getting your hands on some delightful crabs and hilsa angle alongside other ocean depths. 


Best Restaurants Nearby 


Sagarkinare inn and Tajpur Retreat 




The shoreline is best observed as multi day stopover while you travel between the real urban areas of the state. Reach Mandarmani through Kolkata. Tail it with multi day in Tajpur and head towards Shankarpur. 




Convey nourishment and water bottles as there are a set number of sustenance joints in Tajpur.

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