Science city, Kolkata

Science City is a science exploration hall. The largest science center in the whole country, the Science City of Kolkata is a treasure trove that presents science and technology to young minds in a stimulating manner. What makes it a popular tourist destination is that it has a long list of attractions designed to enthrall the kids as well as the adults. From robotic models of prehistoric animals to space odysseys, there’s something for everyone to enjoy at the Science City.People of all age groups enjoy the trip to Science City. It is one of the largest and finest in the world, presenting science and technology as truly educational and enjoyable for the people of all ages.

Science City Kolkata

The Science City, inaugurated on 1st July, 1997 has been developed as a major attraction for the residents’ of Kolkata as well as for the national and international visitors to the metropolis. Developed and maintained by the National Council of Science Museums (NCSM)

Science City remains open all days of the year (except Holidays) from 9:00 a.m to 8: 00 p.m . Ticket counters remain open up till 7:00 pm

The Science Centre attracts 1.5 million visitors annually Musical fountain

Science City is divided into various sections such as:

  • Science Park
  • Space Odyssey
  • Exploration Hall
  • Evolution cannel
  • Fresh Water Aquarium
  • Toy Train
  • Science on a space
  • 3-D Vision Theatre
  • Mirror Magic
  • Time Machine
  • Cable Cars
  • Beautiful cars
  • Gear Train etc. 

For General Visitors

Entry Rs. 60.00 per person
Evolution of Life – A Dark Ride Rs 40.00 Per Person
Combined Rates for ‘Dark Ride’ and ‘Human Evolution’ Rs 80.00 Per Person
Science on a Sphere new Rs 40.00 Per Person
3D Theater Rs. 30.00 Per Person
Time Machine For on-going modernization work, this ride remains suspended temporarily.
Road Train Rs.20.00 Per Person
Cable Car Rs. 48.00

For organised group (25 minimun)

EntryRs. 50.00 Per Person
Cable CarRs. 38.00
3D TheatreRs. 25.00 Per Person

For organised school groups

EntryRs. 30.00 Per Person
Evolution of Life – A Dark RideRs 40.00 Per Person
Combined Rates for ‘Dark Ride’ and ‘Human Evolution’Rs 80.00 Per Person
Science on a SphereRs 40.00 Per Person
3D Theater:Rs. 30.00 Per Person
Cable Car:Rs. 28.00 Per Person

For under priviledge groups

EntryRs. 5.00 Per Person
Science on a SphereRs 5.00 Per Person
3D Theater:Rs. 10.00 Per Person
Cable Car:Rs. 28.00 Per Person

Ticket rates of fulldome 3D digital theatre

Category of VisitorsRate of Entry Fee for 3D Digital show (per head)
General VisitorsRs. 120/-
Visitors in Group (Minimum 25 in a Group)Rs. 100/-
Organised Students’ GroupRs.50/-

Show timings

Weekdays (Monday-Saturday) Sundays & Holidays 
11:30 AMAsteroid Mission Extreme (Hindi)11:00 AMThe Life of Trees (English)
12:30 PMThe Life of Trees (English)12:00 PMAsteroid Mission Extreme (Hindi)
2:00 PMAsteroid Mission Extreme (Hindi)1:00 PMThe Life of Trees (English)
3:00 PMThe Life of Trees (English)2:00 PMAsteroid Mission Extreme (Hindi)
4:00 PMAsteroid Mission Extreme (Hindi)3:00 PMThe Life of Trees (English)
5:00 PMThe Life of Trees (English)4:00 PMAsteroid Mission Extreme (Hindi)
6:30 PMAsteroid Mission Extreme (Hindi)5:00 PMThe Life of Trees (English)
  6:00 PMAsteroid Mission Extreme (Hindi)

For latest entry fees and ticket pricing click here.

Show Duration

The Life of Trees – 35 Minutes ( Version ” Hindi”)
Asteroid Mission Extreme – 30 Minutes ( Version ” Hindi”)

For families of below poverty line

Submit photocopies of BPL & photo identity cards at the ticket counter and show their originals.

Entry fee for BPL card holders is Rs.5/- per person


One of its type in India, the Science city was introduced on first July 1997. It is a noteworthy fascination for the inhabitants of Kolkata just as for the general population visiting Kolkata. It is one of the best and the biggest science exhibition halls on the planet and gives a fun method for learning science. Under the National Council of Science Museums, the Science City in Kolkata is the biggest science focus in the whole Indian Subcontinent. It is an administrative association under the Ministry of Culture and the primary witticism of the Science City was the promotion of science. It is situated at the intersection of the EM Bypass and the JBS Halder Avenue in Kolkata. The science city is an ideal mix of instruction with fun. There is an uncommon area devoted to the oceanic world wherein you can become familiar with consistently insight concerning the different fishes and bugs in the amphibian world. The absolute most extraordinary fishes can be found in these aquariums. All on the whole, science city will offer you an incredible involvement with your loved ones and thoroughly make your vacation justified, despite all the trouble.

The ground floor of the science city includes some optical fantasies which are extremely fascinating to take a gander at. It is generally such a great amount of amusing to watch yourself taking an assortment of shapes before the optical mirrors. The city is situated on the intersection of Eastern Bypass and Park Circus at Kolkata and ought to be a certain shot stop on your excursion to Kolkata. It is a most loved among children just as grown-ups. Tornado, the vitality ball, sea waves and sand trap are an unquestionable requirement watch. Time Machine is a typical most loved among every one of the guests. It offers one the chance to make a trip to space from where you can go back in time and enter the period of dinosaurs by being a piece of the counterfeit Jurassic Park. You can attempt the ropeway too and get a 10,000 foot perspective of the city.

Significant Attractions in the Science City

1. Dynamotion Hall: It gives intelligent and hands-on displays on an assortment of science themes urging the guests to appreciate the basic logical standards including-

Dreams – This perpetual presentation grandstands a universe of hallucination with intuitive displays and finds how movement and arrangement have any kind of effect in the visual discernment.

Forces of ten – 43 displays demonstrate the greatest of the universe by zooming done in the request of ten.

Freshwater aquarium – 26 tanks including an assortment of freshwater angles.

Live butterfly enclave – A state of live butterflies are incubated here and screening of a film Rang Bahari Prajapati on the existence cycle of a butterfly.

Science on a circle – The circular projection framework made by NOAA. One show is of 30 minutes length and happens for 70 individuals at any given moment.

2. Earth Exploration Hall: This earth investigation corridor was initiated by Ambika Soni, the then Union Minister for Culture, India on sixth December 2008. A lasting show on earth is situated in a two-storied semi-roundabout building showing the subtleties of the southern side of the equator on the ground floor and northern half of the globe on the main floor. The tremendous earth globe is cut from the focal point of the lobby into 12 fragments. Additionally, all the fundamental highlights of each area including the geology, arrive, individuals, vegetation, fauna and other normal marvels on the substance of Earth have been exhibited with the assistance of the advanced advances including sight and sound, video dividers, all encompassing recordings, PC booths and tilting tables.

3. Space Odyssey: It contains a space theater which comprises of Helios Star Ball planetarium which is given help by 150 embellishment projectors and a vast configuration film projection framework present in a 23-meter distance across arch with seating courses of action which can oblige upwards of 360 individuals appears on sciences. The 40-minute span Atrovision film named ‘Undertakings in Wild California’ is screening since June 2013.

A show dependent on stereo back projection framework where guests encounter 3D impact by Polaroid scenes in a 3D vision theater.

There are 35 displays dependent on impression of light exhibiting the “reflect enchantment”.

30-seater movement test system gives virtual experience of room flight or voyage into obscure world sitting in an easygoing moved by water powered movement control framework time machine

4. Oceanic Centre: This grandstands the sea history of India, its curios, dioramas and intuitive shows on transportation just as route frameworks. An unmanned test corner is available too.

5. Science Park: It gives an inviting situation where you can find out about plants, creatures and different items in the regular surroundings which you generally neglect to take note. Another intriguing truth about the displays exhibited here is that they have been built so that they can endure any climate. Science Park is likewise considered as an essential piece of the considerable number of focuses of NCSM and comprises of various displays including monorail cycle, butterfly nurture, melodic wellspring, gravity liner, street train, link vehicles and a live labyrinth encompassed by greenery everywhere.

6. Science Exploration Hall: This new building which covers a region of 5400 square meters was opened in 2016 with the most recent foundation involving four areas to be specific-

A display of rising advancements

A dull ride-Evolution of life

360-degree projection-Panorama on human advancement

Display portraying science and innovation legacy of India

7.Science city Location:

JBS Haldane Avenue, Basanti Hwy, Kolkata, West Bengal 700046

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