Nicco Park, Kolkata

Nicco Park Kolkata-Overview

Nicco Park Kolkata is a carnival much of the time visited for excitement and recreational purposes. It is additionally called the “Disney Land of West Bengal” and draws in guests in vast numbers consistently. The recreation center capacities productively on sunlight based vitality that causes no contamination. Each part of the rides here is suitably clarified toward the start for the guests to learn. In this way, one will discover outlines and sheets showed at the passageway of each ride delineating the standards used to guarantee a sheltered and fun ride. The recreation center has various delight rides and shows which are recreational as well as instructive moreover. It is, along these lines, a most loved among parent and adolescents who frequently lean toward the fascination as an excursion spot.

Nicco Park Kolkata

Nicco Park Kolkata  has been working as an event congregation for as long as 20 years. It is the main carnival in India that has acquired acknowledgment from Quality Management System, Safety Management System and Environment Management System. Nicco Park is likewise the primary carnival on the planet to have acquired a ‘Social Accountability’ declaration. Those searching for an engaging, instructive and a recreational break must make a beeline for the Nicco Park.

Nicco Park Kolkata Rides

Park Rides and Water Park: Nicco Park has more than 35 rides that incorporate family, kiddies and excite rides. Flying Saucer, Tilt-a-Whirl, Magic Carpet, Toy Train, Paddle Boat, River Caves, Water Chute, Giant Cyclone, Pirate Ship, Moonraker, Cyclone and so on are a portion of the rides that guests can look over. Nicco Park additionally has a water park with a few water-themed rides, slides and pools.

Nicco Park Kolkata Water Rides

Family Rides: Nicco Park has numerous rides that can be appreciated by children just as their folks. They can start with a lovely Toy Train Ride which takes them all through the recreation center. The ride is joined by cadenced peppy music that makes the toy train ride a vital ordeal. There’s a Family Carousel which gives a virtual pony ride understanding on a pivoting stage and a Crazy Tea Party Ride to take one back to Alice in Wonderland perhaps. A link vehicle ride/gondola ride over the Paddle Boat Lake is the most ideal approach to get an all encompassing perspective of the encompassing. One can likewise go on a Lazy River Ride on a trench or a Paddle Boat ride in the lake. The family rides additionally incorporate a Vortex with Iceland where one can get a vibe of moving in the whirlpool.

Nicco Park Cabin Car

Excite Rides: For the individuals who need to get their adrenalin surging, have an assortment of exciting experience rides to browse. One such ride is the River Cave which is the main stream ride in obscurity. The ride incorporates paddle water crafts that experience a waterway in obscurity and has a few shocks including volcanic ejections and dinosaurs. Different rides incorporate the Sky Diver, Pirate Ship, Bull Ride, Twist and Turn, Flying saucer, Moon Raker, Cyclone, Water chute and so on. These rides are the absolute best rides one can discover in the city.

Nicco Park Rollercoaster

Child’s Rides: The carnival has a few rides planned just for the children. They have a very much kept up Children’s Corner with Slides, Swings, Jungle Gym, See-Saw and so on encompassed by trees all around giving outside air to the small tots. They additionally have a Merry Go Round, a Water Merry Go Round on brilliant pontoons that guarantee a charming knowledge for the children.

Activities at Nicco Park Kolkata

Wet-O-Wild: Nicco Park likewise has a water park called Wet-o-Wild with themed water slides where one can discover water rides to suit their necessities. Along these lines, regardless of whether one needs to laze around, loosen up or feel the excite of an undertaking water ride, Wet-O-Wild is the place to be. There are rides like the Lazy River, Splash Pool, Wave Pool, Tube Slide, Rain Dance, Pirate Bay, Kiddies Pool, Body Slide, Family Swirl, the Niagara Falls and the Wave Runner. On the off chance that one’s hunting down a cooling rest on a bright evening, they should go to Wet-O-Wild.

Nicco Super Bowl: Nicco Super Bowl is Kolkata’s best rocking the bowling alley rear way. It is a most loved joint particularly for adolescents who want an engaging amusement with loved ones. They additionally have an air hockey table, a derby diversion, and some pool tables. They have four knocking down some pins back roads that are very much kept up and furthermore has been a scene for a few playing competitions in Kolkata. Section to the Nicco Super Bowl costs INR 55 for every individual, and the rocking the bowling alley diversions cost anything between INR 110 to INR 200 relying upon the bundle. A round of Pool, Derby and Air Hockey costs anything between INR 35 and INR 55 for every individual.

Bowler’s Den: Located on the housetop of Nicco Super Bowl, this is an entrancing 50-seater indoor set eatery that serves an assortment of delicious Tandoori and Chinese Cuisine. The eatery is found to such an extent that it gives a lovely perspective of the water park from the highest point of the building. Bowler’s Den is open from 1:00 PM to 11:00 PM consistently and is an appropriate scene for occasions, festivities and social affairs.

Attractions and Shows: The attractions at Nicco Park Kolkata are not constrained to the fun rides but rather additionally incorporate rich green greenhouses and a 40 feet high cascade. The recreation center additionally has a Bowling Alley, Eiffel Tower that can be move to get an all encompassing perspective of the whole park, an authentic decommissioned MIG-21 Fighter Plane and 4D motion picture theater, an Underwater Exhibition called ‘Oceanica’ that houses around 75 live marine creatures and a Haunted House with excellent impacts and sounds that will terrify everybody going into the house.

Nourishment Court: The sustenance court/nourishment park at Nicco Park Kolkata serve Bengali, North Indian, South Indian, Chinese, Italian tidbits and suppers. Guests won’t be baffled as the nourishment is set up with most extreme consideration to suit each taste bud.

Shopping: There are a few shops inside the entertainment mecca where visitors can purchase blessings and gifts. Things ordinarily found here are shirts, frill, mugs, tops and so forth.

Nicco Park Kolkata Dress Code

The Amusement Park Dress Code incorporates wearing very much fitted, non-uncovering and open to garments with appropriate shoes. The garments shouldn’t be loose or uncover underpants. Cut off/torn pants and shorts are additionally not permitted inside the event congregation, nor are adornments with metal spikes, clasp, clasps or bolts for wellbeing reasons. Expansive, long, stout and dangling adornments is likewise not permitted. Piercings that could be unsafe should be evacuated before entering the rides. Apparel that portrays misuse or brutality isn’t allowed.

Wet-O-Wild has a strict clothing regulation for every one of the visitors wishing to enter the water. Swimming ensembles are an unquestionable requirement, and other customary attire like pants, shirts, shorts, skirts, sarees, salwar kameez and so forth is entirely denied. Metal latches, belts, clasps, spikes, long, stout, projecting or dangling bits of gems are not permitted inside the water park also. Garments with work/transparent apparel, or that delineates viciousness, covers/outfits, night robe, robes, unmentionables, and so on are entirely restricted as well. Visitors wearing hostile tattoos with foul words, harsh dialect, bareness, brutal messages/material that is disdainful, religiously troublesome are additionally not permitted into the water park.

Nicco Park Kolkata Timing & Entry Fees

₹200.00 / per head

The price includes 12 Rides & Attraction in the Main Park as mentioned below:
Toy Train, Festival of Magical Panda Lights (Day visit until 4 p.m.), Family Carousal, Mirror Maze, Caterpillar, MIG21, Eiffel Tower, Merry Go Round, Water Merry Go Round, Children’s Corner, Flume Ride @ Children Corner, Pirate Ship, Crazy Tea Party Ride.
*Shows & Games are not included in the Entry Fee.

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How to reach Reach Nicco Park Kolkata

Nicco Park is around 8 kilometers from the downtown area and can be come to by taxicabs, government-run transports or auto-rickshaws by means of Maniktala Main Road. From the downtown area, take the course by means of Acharya Prafulla Chandra Road – Maniktala Main Road, first Cross Road – NH12 – GM Block Street Number 27.H

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