Co-working space in Kolkata

Trend is changing everyday, so our lifestyle our living style everything. If we compare offices in late 90`s is something like boring and isolated environment,  but now trend is moving forward towards unisolated environment and co-working spaces all over India. Every startup needs a working space and office environment at beginning during their startup phase.

1) Smartworks :

If you’re searching for a coworking space in Kolkata’s Salt Lake Sector V, then SmartWorks can bestow your venture with a rare abode. Their coworking areas aren’t solely equipped with top-notch technologies, however if you wish a nominal task to be accomplished like document deliveries or cheque deposits, a employee is often to the rescue.

Their high coworking areas embody sensible Labs, sensible Cubes, and sensible Suites relying upon your needs. And if you want to impress your purchasers in a very flourish, they even have AN in-house secretarial assistant to appear once the identical.

2. Nwook :

Nwook is one among the highest coworking areas in urban center and celebrated for its diversity of the communities in their spaces that successively, creates associate degree vast attraction amongst its potential customers.

3. Regus :

Regus has workspaces that are on the superior side as opposed to a moderate side. It has spaces in 4 unique areas in Kolkata. With its parlor territories, storage spaces, printing and checking offices it is the best decision on the off chance that you are not considered about the financial limit. Open spaces with committed work areas are offered close by meeting rooms and private workplaces for people, groups and those hoping to organize.

4.  Awfis :

Awfis offers 3 areas of cooperating spaces in Kolkata. One at Camac Street, one at Rajarhat and one at Salt Lake. With its quality in urban areas like Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Gurgaon, Noida and Bangalore, Awfis has been a significant recognizable name among business visionaries.

Awfis centers around People, Proximity and Performance. They mean to bring workspaces closer and them increasingly open to individuals.

5. Easy Daftar:

 Regardless of whether you’re mind-mapping, meeting, teaming up or doing the math, the planner work areas, tables, couches, super-quick Wifi and casual gathering zones give the ideal spot to each business need. So regardless of whether you need a tranquil work area Monday to settle the subtleties of your arrangement, a huge table Tuesday to organize with your group, a lunch table Wednesday to meet another customer, and a comfortable espresso corner the remainder of the week to vet potential hopefuls – We have everything at our new outlet.

6. My cube:

 My Cube is a cooperating space, where individuals can come and work whenever the timing is ideal. It is a space given to first gen business people who need to begin something new all alone and don’t have sufficient office to do as such. My Cube is for anybody, from a blogger, a style originator, a restaurateur or a gathering of people who need to ricochet their thoughts off one another. It offers them a chance to meet individuals from various foundations under one rooftop and work independently together.

7. Co-Karya :

 Cokarya is the most adaptable among all as it gives a customized statement to you as per the administrations and offices you need. With 4 areas in Kolkata, Cokarya is arranged at AJC Bose Road, Dalhousie, Kasba and Sector V (Salt Lake).


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