Birla Industrial & Technological Museum, Kolkata

It is the primary scientific and industrial museum in Asian nation, Birla Industrial and Technological museum is one in every of the most attractions of metropolis. The museum was completed on ordinal could 1959 and opened for the overall public to explore. Dr B.C. Roy, WHO was the chief minister of Bengal at that point, thought the concept of the museum. initially it absolutely was referred to as Birla Park and at intervals 3 years it absolutely was reborn into a technological museum. located on the Gurusaday Road in metropolis, the museum has become one in every of the celebrated traveller attraction visited to look at the gallery and 3D shows organized within the premises.

Birla Park was reborn into BITM underneath the auspicious Dr B.C. Roy, WHO within the year 1956 thought that a developing nation like Asian nation required museums in its neighbourhood. Therefore, the museum was given to Pandit solon by G.D. Birla to line up the museum that took nearly 3 years to complete.

BITM is additionally the leader of the Mobile Science Exhibition that was the primary exhibition to be conducted on wheels. With its galleries, totally different activities and therefore the growing sources of the satellite centres, this museum is currently the place wherever science and its wonders wiped out front of people’s eyes by the suggests that of enticing and animated dummies. The background of the technology, also because the business, restore itself via replicas that square measure real or scaled-down. The museum contains a heap to grant to its guests. it’s an incredible place and a must-visit for all the science lovers out there!

History of Birla Industrial and Technological museum

The history of the Birla Industrial and Technological museum goes back to the time once the first building was owned  by the Tagores and Meera Hindu deity. The fourth kid of Rabindranath Tagore spent loads of your time of her childhood during this building. Later, within the year 1919, this property was oversubscribed off by Surendranath Tagore to G.D. Birla WHO then reborn the building to Birla Park. 

This house was then remodeled and reconstructed by the employed architects N. Guin and Co. and was was what we tend to see it these days. However, it remained a special address and at hand personalities together with Pandit Mohan, Malavya, and Gandhi visited the park. In 1956, the then Chief Minister of state, Dr B.C. Roy thought of constructing a museum within the country to assist within the development of technology and business. Sri GD Birla, WHO bimanual over the place to Pandit solon motor-assisted him in his plan. 

This entire transformation of the place from a park to a museum took nearly three hours so finally on ordinal could 1959, the Birla Industrial and Technological museum was opened by academician H. Kabir, the union minister within the non-absense of Dr B.C. Roy, Sri BM Birla, and Prof. MS Thakur. The museum is located on Gurusaday Dutta Road, metropolis that was erst referred to as Ballygaunge Store Road in 1919.

Hospitality at Birla Industrial and Technological museum

Many facilities square measure offered to the tourists flocking in to fancy the sweetness of the museum. a massive library has been established within that includes of a spread of books, journals, CDs, and films within the field of Science & Technology. AN area that is absolutely cool is additionally gift at intervals the museum and offers a commodiousness of 210 individuals. several shows and programs square measure organized for college kids also as adults visiting the museum. 

Some other facilities embrace AC room, a hall for showcasing exhibits and a restaurant. there have been galleries on electricity, atomic physics, locomotion, copper, iron, and steel at first however currently, there square measure galleries on mining, communication, arithmetic, transport, physical science, TV, standard science and engaging physics. there’s a model underground mine within the premises also that was established in 1983 and is standard even these days.

Art Galleries at Birla Industrial and Technological museum

Fascinating Physics Gallery

There square measure twenty eight exhibits on mechanics, light, magnetism waves and gravitation within the Classical Physics section of the gallery. The model of subatomic particles and therefore the super cool region close to absolutely the zero temperature square measure all gift within the trendy physics section of the gallery. There square measure thirty eight exhibits displayed that have enticing visuals, animations, video, pilotless quiz, multimedia system and alternative techniques to reinforce one’s expertise. 

Transport Gallery

A gallery on transportation was opened to the general public on the pre-golden day of remembrance year of the institute in 2008-2009. Comprising of over fifty exhibits and adjoin five hundred sq. kilometres, the gallery shows the evolution of the wheel to the supersonic jet engines. This gallery showcases the event of transport system in water, ashore or within the air that has additional some new dimensions to the human life altogether. 

Motive Power Gallery

The rising want for power forced man to form use of the animal power, wind power, water power to extend his physical strength is what this gallery reflects. It may be seen even these days within the modern-day engines and diesel. the foremost recent sources of power in conjunction with the long run projections square measure gift within the gallery. 

Life science Gallery

This gallery tries to bring out the science of life via some exhibits that square measure each living and non-living. It shows however human existence thrived on the world through ages and every one the variety on the 3 major habitats which may be offered together with air, water, and land. 

Children’s Gallery

The Children’s Gallery was inaugurated by BITM on fourteenth Nov 2012 by Dr ShashiPanja, the participant of the general assembly of state. There square measure several sections during this gallery that is adjoin a region of 4000 sq. feet. These embrace the learning zone, child zone, fun zone, play zone, mirror zone, ride zone, and assembly zone wherever youngsters will unfold their creativity, imagination whereas they fiddle and experiment and innnovation with the objects gift there.

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