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Digha is a town that is located in the state of West Bengal, in the East Midnapore. It is a prevalent shoreline town and there are various activities that you can take part in Digha. Large amount of people from near by territories run to the spot during the pinnacle traveler season. The whole stretch of the Digha Beach is fixed with casuarina trees and the entire territory is incredibly beautiful. There are a couple of shorelines that are found close by too and these are generally isolated and clean.

Places to visit in digha

MARC – Marine aquarium cum regional centre -is a noteworthy vacation destination for all Digha guests. It has the biggest inbuilt aquarium in India. The aquarium has three types of animals: species of conservative significance, ‘local and curious’ species of freshwater species.These species incorporate ocean anemones, lobsters, sharks, beams, butterfly fishes, ocean snakes, horse shoe crabs and a lot of other things which is yet to get popularity.

New Digha Beach

One of the most well known beaches in this Digha is the New Digha digha sea beach. Lying around 2 kilometers from the Old Digha beach, this place is a man-made tourist spot. It is loved by travelers because of its easy reach, larger area with less crowd density.

The delicate sands of the New Digha shoreline compensate for an exquisite end of the week escape. Concealed in southern West Bengal, this goal is an interesting occasion spot to invest energy in the peaceful lap of nature. The Digha ocean begins at about a mile away from the beach area, which is fixed with casuarina trees the extent that the eyes can see.

This beach is renowned for its charming dawn and dusks, which are lovely amazing. With the brilliant beams of the sun reflecting off the shimmering ocean, this display will most likely toward the end in your recollections for quite a while!

Udaipur Beach

The Udaipur beach in Digha is one of most perfect and wonderful ocean beaches in India. This unexplored ‘virgin ocean beach’ is situated on the fringe of Orissa and is settled between New Digha and Talsari. Despite the fact that only 3 kilometers from the Digha station, the beach is by all accounts miles from it allegorically. The isolated beach, far away from the polluted and toxic city life. The spot is particularly well known for its beautiful excellence, and individuals from all parts of the world visit the beach to catch these pleasant perspectives in their sight for eternity.

You can look over various energizing alternatives of activities at the Udaipur Beach and have fun with loved ones. These incorporate swimming, going for a long stroll along the coastline, getting a charge out of experience sports, for example, Speed Boat or Banana Boat, riding bicycles, or tasting the nearby delights. The neighborhood shops at the beach serve lip-smacking conventional delights, which basically includes fish, for example, prawns and fish curry. Coconuts are additionally generally accessible here at excessively modest costs.

The Udaipur Beach additionally assurances to give better than average convenience at reasonable spending plans. The tents that are controlled by West Bengal Tourism, and the OCEANA Tourist Complex, both being reasonable choices that you can look over. The Udaipur beach is for the most part uninhabited and will give you the vibe of unwinding on a private beach. This sentimental escape can be the ideal goal for a special night trip. With everything taken into account, the beach is an unquestionable requirement visit at any rate once in your lifetime to experience what an unpolluted, genuine beach resembles.

Shankarpur Beach

About 15 km from Digha, Shankarpur is a virgin beach with a dazzling perspective on the beach encompassed by nearby fish vessels and lines of tress giving guests the ideal Kodak minute. Close to the beach, there are additionally a couple of sanctuaries in Shankarpur.

Talsari Beach

Situated in Baleswar district of Odisha and a distance of 30 mins from Digha, the Talasari beach is unblemished, tranquil and has been offered with staggering display.

There are mystery beaches, beaches which are beyond the compass of sullying, beaches that revive our faculties and Talasari is one such place. This virgin beach has sand rises, more settled waves in the midst of a few palm trees, coconut trees, cashew trees known to be the keep going beach on the north eastern bank of India. Talasari gets its name from Tala (cadence) and Sari (push)- the beat framed by a very much showed lavish green belt and brilliant sands with an incidental red speck (because of the red crabs wandering around) meeting the gigantic ocean, which is practically sweet. Being a fishermen’s heaven, Talasari doesn’t encounter much vacationer surge. There is a solid structure where fisherman trap their fishes and sell them in a fish market close to the beach where you can likewise discover cooked chicken, crabs and fish. You can essentially stroll over the stream bed or appreciate pontoon rides and elevated tides here. Aside from being an sea beach, Talasari additionally is a waterway bank of Subornorekha bank which flows to converge into the Bay of Bengal.

Amarabati Park

In the midst of the seaside excellence of the curious town of Digha lies the Amarabati Park, a little regular wonderland for those hoping to discover some harmony and calm while appreciating the rich greenery of a well-looked after park. Situated not exactly a kilometer away from the New Digha beach, the Amarabati park gloats of unblemished yards loaded up with a rich assorted variety of occasional blooms gently bordering the smaller than usual lake located in the center of the park. A ropeway ride over the length of the park offers guests a stunning perspective the New Digha area and the flawless park underneath.

With perfectly cleared walkways, a large number of seating arrangements, and boating facilities to appreciate the lake, this park gives healthy family amusing to kids and grown-ups searching for a casual way of spend some time during their outing in the excellent Digha.

How to reach Kolkata to Digha ?

By Tourist Bus

The distance between Kolkata to Digha is around 189 km, with the normal time taken to cover this distance is 04 hrs 43 mins. This distinction in time taken is determined dependent on the transport type, climate and traffic along the way. Approximately 96 buses runs on daily basis from Kolkata and Digha.The first transport leaves at 01:35 AM and last transport leaves at 11:59 PM from Kolkata. Some of the most leading bus service is Sreeram Liners(Jackson), Sagufta Travels (Sagar Kanya), Snemita Pariseba(Shinjini), Sreeram Liners(Santosh) and Anadi Travels (Disha Gold).The charge for bus on the Kolkata and Digha route can be between Rs 145.0 to Rs 450.0 according to the bus service and bus type.

According to your requirement, you can book bus of your choice here! There are various kinds of transports you can pick among AC Sleeper, AC, AC Seater and Non AC.

By Train

Only 4 trains runs between Kolkata and Digha. The trains stops at several stations such as Contai, Uluberiya, Ramnagar, Tamluk, and MECHEDA , throughout its journey.One can expect a reasonable sky around this time in Digha with a changing rom 27°C to 20°C.

For most extreme accommodation, you can decide on any 3 trains (Tamralipta EXP, Paharia Express and Digha SUP AC EXP) that run straightforwardly between Howrah Jn and Digha. There is a high probability of a train going through Santragachi Jn, as it is the most well-known station along this course. Out of the considerable number of trains, Digha SUP AC EXP is the main train that keeps running among Kolkata and Digha with no stops.

Tamralipta EXP is the first train leaving at 06:35 while Kandari Express is the last train leaving at 14:15 for Digha.

Hotels in Digha

You don’t need to worry about accomodation at Digha. There are thousands of options available in Digha. Rooms available from ₹500 – ₹55,000 per head. You can book rooms through different third party site such as booking.com, agoda.com etc.


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